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January 2019

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Age. 30
Gender. Male
Ethnicity. Caucasian
Location Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
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Thursday. 7.31.08 10:04 am
listening to: Dagor Bragollach by Summoning
mood: tired...?

It rather sucks have a very materialistic personality. Well, in the sense I always want to buy games and buy stuff for my girlfriend. I even do it until I have barely enough money to survive. I even tell myself to stop and that works for about 2 days and then BAM! I've gone and bought something else. Ah well, I manage to stay alive don't I? The only problem with just scraping by money wise is the amount of crappy food we eat. Being addicted to the food channel on Foxtel (cable TV) makes life very hard sometimes. Both my girlfriend and I love to cook but as all the money goes to pointless crap. I hope to change this soon.

On a good note, I start my new job in 12 or so hours. It should be fun.....

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Too many or too few?
Wednesday. 7.30.08 8:38 am
listening to: A Game Divine? by Peccatum
mood: sore

Woah, I join way to many things.
I just got myself a tumblr account.
In terms of blogging and microblogging this brings my total count up to 7 different locations.

How many do you have?

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Full of random, disjointed crap
Tuesday. 7.29.08 10:29 pm
listening to: Faens Marsj by Hardingrock
mood: sick

Well, second lecture of programming was had. Pretty cruisey so far. Got a copy of the reader today, its about 300 pages and then the book as well is about 800 pages! Thats a lot of reading I'm going to have to do!

Start work on friday which means I need to find my decent shirts. Probably should also take my laptop in to get fixed. DAMN YOU LOGIC BOARD!!

Haha, today my girlfriends father is going to go and buy lots of stuff from Starbucks such as coffee beans and mugs! It seems they are closing on saturday.

Anyway, I might go and scrounge for some food and put on the Final Fantasy VIII soundtrack.

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Starbucks update
Tuesday. 7.29.08 3:48 am
listening to: the rain
mood: yay

Yep they have decided to shut down 61 out of 85 stores here in Australia.
All the ones in this state are gone. Eh.

In other news, I finally got Mass Effect and Call Of Duty 4. Both for PC of course but ultimate squee is being had.

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Quick question
Tuesday. 7.29.08 2:01 am
mood: odd

How does one earn invite codes or is it dependent on the entire system?
Just curious as the girlfriend wants an invite!

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And so they leave the shores with their backs turned
Monday. 7.28.08 9:51 pm
listening to: Fallen by Shape Of Despair
mood: hungry

Wow, it seems like Starbucks may be packing up and leaving Australia. Its not as if they had THAT many stores here, well 85 in the whole country and I have no idea how many in my state.

Au revior to terrible fraps and mediocre-okay coffee.
*hides from Starbucks lovers throwing shrapnel*

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